We’ve created a city brand that balances Trondheim’s historical significance with its current relevance.

The Brand

We’ve created a city brand that balances Trondheim’s historical significance with its current relevance.

Long-Term Thinking

We saw a need for a clear, long-term brand strategy and strong visual identity for Trondheim in order to increase visibility and build our reputation both nationally and internationally. The new brand strategy is built on important insight and work done by Visit Trondheim in collaboration with partners and a variety of industry leaders.

Our Mission

We want to make Trondheim Norway’s best City to visit enjoy and stay. We’re doing this by creating a community of the City’s leaders, from all sectors, large and small. Trondheim’s City Brand will be the platform that lifts our combined efforts, making it Norway’s best City to visit or live in. An idea to inspire and recruit; at home and away.

We felt strongly about focusing our energy on building an authentic Trondheim profile to strengthen the city and build community. The new identity will be used in and against local, regional, national and international markets; positioning Trondheim in the world. Enticing international visitors and locals alike to visit, enjoy and stay.

The core idea is to create a shared platform between industry, culture, and travel working stronger together towards shared goals for the city and our respective industries (knowledge, food, tech, history, art, culture, sports etc.). We see the value in quality of life and appeal to locals to the same degree as appealing to national and international visitors.

Our Vision

This is a city brand that’s not about *tourism.

*explorers always welcome.

It’s not a destination, but a community on a journey; open to your influence. A pond for small fish to grow. A City that invites you to follow your purpose and create your impact. To achieve this Trondheim needs a unique position in the world; in the lifestyles and journeys of ‘its people’.

We believe that a great city is one that shapes you and you shape it. Trondheim is a story you write yourself into, a brand that you complete.

Trondheim is a city where you can leave your mark, and it makes a mark on you…

Become Trondheim

An effective strategy for good storytelling about Trondheim

What do we mean by the ‘Become Trondheim’ strategy?

“Become Trondheim” is not necessarily a slogan that we say or write. It is the feeling you get from the Trondheim brand. It is the lasting impression of Trondheim and a creative strategy that aims to connect people from all industry sectors in the city in a joint effort to make Trondheim shine, as the best city in Norway to experience, enjoy, work, study and live in.


Nordic-life with open opportunities, so you can find your best-self and leave your mark.

Reason to Believe

Trondheim’s outstanding innovation culture, historical significance, natural beauty and strong community. Home of Michelin starred cuisine and produce, pioneering technology and innovation, academic excellence and culture, winter sports and football, shaped by the influence of our community and visitors, and self-belief.